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Buttercream Cake - Lake Hillier

The idea to create this cake was inspired by the majestic Lake Hillier, located in Western Australia. The pink Hillier lake is surrounded by forests and lies next to

the Pacific Ocean. Watching from above the contrast between the mellow pinkness of the

lake and the blueness of

the ocean is strikingly beautiful.

The mellow pink and ocean blue are the two main colours of this cake.

The white Anemone is a mix between the mellow

pink, like the beach road surrounding the pink lake. Peony, Camellia, Anemone and Wild Rose are the main flowers that forms this cake. Peony represents riches and honour; the white Camellia means purity; Anemone is thought to bring luck and protection against evil; Wild Rose suggests something told in secret. Just like Lake Hillier, this secret lake is hiding in Western Australia. Such bright pink lake against the dark and catch our eye in the forest.

Lake Hillier photos are from

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