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How to Clean Your Dirty Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your dirty vacuum cleaner is as important as choosing the best rated vacuum cleaner. If you don't clean your vacuum at least every few months, it may start to stink and operate poorly. Thus, please follow my step-by-step guide in this article:


Before starting, keep in mind the following:

This is a dusty task, so you should perform it in an open and well-ventilated area.

Unplugging your vacuum cleaner is a must.

Consult your manual. You can find instructions on the package or on the internet.

What you need to prepare

This cleaning process requires some essential tools:

Dish soap


Cleaning toothbrush

Can of compressed air

Microfiber cloth

Garbage bag


Rubber gloves

The step-by-step instruction

Here are four essential steps to fulfill this cleaning process:

Step 1: Clean the vacuum filter

The different models of cleaners have different kinds of filters. You should read the manual to determine where yours are located. In this article, I discuss how to clean the filters.

If a filter is washable, simply remove it from the vacuum cleaner, and shake it out to empty the dust. After that, spend a few minutes rinsing it under cool water. Finally, dry it for at least 24 hours before putting it back into the vacuum.

In case you don't have a washable filter, you should invest in some extra replacement filters.

Step 2: Clean the canister

You can skip this step if you use a bagged vacuum. Instead, you will need to replace the bag when it gets full.

How to clean your canister vacuum

First, remove the canister from the machine to empty it over a garbage bag. Then, read the instruction manual to learn how to separate the canister from the vacuuming component.

After soaking the canister in warm soapy water, clean it by using a scrub brush. To avoid leaving moisture inside the model, make sure to rinse the canister thoroughly and let it air dry for at least 24 hours.

Cleaning the canister is a great opportunity to clean the interior portion.


Brush in a downward stroke with a cleaning toothbrush to remove all debris.

Wipe down all the surface dirt by using a dry microfiber cloth.

Use a can of compressed air to reach tiny areas where things may be stuck.

Step 3: Clean your beater bar

The beater bar can build up a lot of fibers, hair, and debris. Over time, it's more difficult for the bristles to pull dirt out of the carpet.

Here’s a solution:

Take a pair of scissors to trim away any long fibers and hair. While doing this, try to avoid cutting the bristles. Use your hands to pull out the hairs while using a cleaning toothbrush to brush away any remaining dirt and debris.

Step 4: Clean the vacuum attachments

Whether you have one of the Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner or a standard vacuum, the attachments are the easiest parts to clean.

Preparation: Mix warm water with a teaspoon of dish soap into a sink or bucket.

If the attachments are stuck with hair, try to brush it away with a cleaning toothbrush until they are completely clean. After that, rinse and dry them for at least 24 hours.

Enjoy your effort now!

Of course, it’s going to be a clean and effective model.

Now, perhaps all of you will go clean your dirty vacuum cleaners. If you have wondered about any step here, just let me know in the comments below.


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