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Order Your Piping Tools & Own Cakes

While we've kept our prices steady since 2017, inflation calls for a 10%-20% increase by year-end. But fear not! Any orders or workshops booked before June 30th will lock in current prices.

  • From this online shop, you can find your tools for the buttercream piping art and also you can order the cakes here.

  • All cakes are made fresh to order, and are ready to pick up 24 hours upon receiving your order.  

  • Please contact Babette to check our availability when ordering your customised buttercream flower cakes.

  • When choosing your cake you can customise every detail including the cake’s:  Size, Colour & Style. As these cakes are a form of art, Babette will endeavour to make your cake as close as possible to your desired design.

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Gift box Handmade Macaron Set

In stock
Product Details

Are you still looking for a stunning Valentine's Day gift or a party cake? Blooming Cakes are ready to create your surprise for 2018!

  • Pick up: please confirm your pick up time with us. No deliver from us!

These are the flavour to choose:

salted caramel, raspberry, passion fruit, chocolate and mocca.

Gift box set:

  • Single piece box
  • 5 pieces box set
  • 6 pieces box set
  • 24 pieces box set

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